10 Tips for Getting That Book Written

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Writing a book is serious business. Accomplishing it can seem daunting. The new writer’s worst inner fears surface quickly with the intimidating blank page and thoughts of writer’s block, critics and failure.

Disarm your inner writer’s worst fears! Writing a book should not be a scary undertaking. Whether a debut novelist or first-time nonfiction author, the following points will ensure a successful start in getting that book written from start to finish.

  1. Set aside time to write every day. Writing is a learned craft and it takes dedication.
  2. Have a goal of how many pages or words to write each day. Writing takes discipline.
  3. Write to the market. This means knowing who the ideal buyer is, what niche the book will fill and how it is unique.
  4. Hire an editor, not your English professor or a relative. A professional book editor can make a major difference in a manuscript’s success and salability.
  5. Don’t skip the research stage. Every nonfiction topic requires that the facts be accurate, and in fiction the storylines must be plausible.
  6. Join a supportive and constructive writer’s group. Take a creative writing class. Having a community of like-minded people to discuss the work is really important. For the first time, it gives access to readers who will offer critical feedback.
  7. Join LinkedIn and appropriate online groups who are having discussions about writing.
  8. Read other authors. Keep reading other authors. That’s where inspiration comes from.
  9. Build an author platform online during the writing process. Start with a blog, Facebook page and a Twitter account. Do outreach to related communities online. Build relationships. Many of these people will eventually become your readers.
  10. Rewrite! Rewrite! Rewrite! Expect to go through several drafts. The wastepaper basket (or delete button!) is your best friend.

One last word of caution: Don’t leave that day job! It’s very difficult to make a living as an author. If that or becoming famous is a motive, reconsider. Some people, of course, do make a living and do become famous. Think about Stephen King, who got many rejections for his first novel, Carrie. Any authors who can reach that status are in very good company!

Gail M. Kearns (aka Book Sherpa) Founder of To Press & Beyond

Gail and her team are experts in book publishing consulting and support services. With over 20 years of experience, they skillfully and successfully shepherd your print and/or e-book through writing, editing, design & layout, printing, distribution, sales and promotion, both in trade and niche markets and on the Web. They have worked with over 400 authors and independent publishers worldwide. You can contact Gail for a half-hour gratis phone consult about your project at gail@topressandbeyond.com.