Frequently Asked Questions

As an expert in book publishing consulting and support services with over 20 years experience, I’ll take your book project and shepherd it through writing, editing, design & layout, printing, distribution, sales and promotion, both in trade and niche markets and on the web. For more details read 6 Tips for Working with Your Book Sherpa.

At To Press & Beyond content is king, and we view editing as a vital part of any book project. We understand that especially for first-time authors the editing process can be baffling, if not daunting. We perform all levels of editing — from helping you shape your book, to content, substantive, and copyediting to proofreading.

Writing a book should not be a scary undertaking. Whether a debut novelist or first-time nonfiction author, read our 10 Tips for Getting That Book Written which will ensure a successful start in getting that book written from start to finish.

We work with experienced book designers and cover designers and have relationships with numerous printers — both digital and traditional, here and abroad. We handle all of the details needed for copyright, getting the files to the printer and then finished books to your fulfillment house or distributor’s warehouse in a timely manner.

Most booksellers agree that the cover design is the single most important element of a book. The truth is, a book is judged first and foremost by its cover. A well designed book can help you secure positive reviews, establish your credibility as an expert in your field, win awards and hopefully generate many book sales. That means your cover must be designed compellingly. We can help you do that.

Social networking can be fun but it’s also a commitment. To garner the book sales you’re hoping for, you will need this kind of pre-marketing, promotion and publicity support for your title. We would urge any aspiring author (and even seasoned ones) to engage the services of a Book Sherpa to guide them all the way through the process of producing a book.