I have nothing but praise for Gail. As the executor and friend of the late Adam Clymer who was a prominent correspondent for the New York Times, it fell to me to carry out his dying wish to complete the novel he was working on at the time of his premature death. As I did my best to complete the novel, Gail assembled the production team: an illustrator, dust jacket designer, a copy editor, proofreader, and a professional printer (she also handled the Library of Congress copyright registration). Gail saw our way to exactly what Adam wanted: a professionally produced book indistinguishable from any that an established production company like Random House would have issued. And she did it all on a budget that I thought well within what I thought possible.

— Judge Richard G. Stearns

We were thrilled with Gail as our publicist for the release of The Science of Serial Killers. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and personal touch made us feel confident and well taken care of! Gail listened to our goals and was thorough when gathering information for marketing our book. We definitely recommend her!

— Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence, authors of The Science of Stephen King.

Gail Kearns of To Press and Beyond has done a wonderful job in guiding Campaign for the Confederate Coast through preparation and into print and in creating a wide public awareness of it.  She has been the source of many ideas and sound advice.  This may be her first journey into the world of the American Civil War and historical writing, but I doubt that it will be her last.

— Gil Hahn, author of Campaign for the Confederate Coast.

Gail and her team provided a comprehensive marketing strategy for us that was tailored to our author’s goals, and her ongoing support and guidance were invaluable in identifying the best opportunities for sharing his book with readers. Not only did her work generate a lot of positive attention for the book, but I learned a lot working with her too!

— Isaac Gilman, Pacific University Press.

I also wish to thank my "Book Sherpa," Gail Kearns. Just when I thought my book was done, the universe said, "not so fast, Sammy" and she entered the project. Thank God! She pushed me to go deeper, and in the end, it was her prodding that made this book be all it could be and finally made me feel proud to utter the words, "I am now an author."

— Samantha Paris, Author of Finding the Bunny.

Without the careful and multi-faceted guidance of Gail and the To Press & Beyond team, I don’t know how my book would have ever seen the light of day, much less been seen by so many others. To Press & Beyond provided deep and experienced editing, production direction, and market platform building. They also supported me with the intrepid pursuit of the many new channels for publicizing books. Their deep knowledge of the self-publishing book industry and its players made a big difference to the quality of my book, my experience of getting it to market and the positive reaction of my readers. Most of all, I knew Gail and her team were there, highly polished and deeply committed to squiring my work through a very complicated industry. I highly recommend them.

— Julie Benezet, author of The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None.

Gail Kearns and To Press & Beyond was a lucky choice because I gained not only her wisdom and expertise in book promotion, but also I suddenly had the feeling of a team and a real caring partner in the self-publishing journey. What we accomplished we accomplished together, with a healthy mix of ideas and energizing discussions. I had someone I could count on in my corner, and I’m still giving thanks.

— Gerald DiPego, novelist, screenwriter (“Phenomenon,” “Message in a Bottle,” “Words and Pictures,” etc.) and author of WRITE! Find the Truth in Your Fiction.

Gail Kearns did a wonderful job of pulling together a most readable and highly interesting memoir of my 100-year-old father’s life experiences. She was extremely sensitive to how and what he wished to communicate, and she did an admirable job of integrating disparate material so that the storyline flowed effortlessly. Gail met all her deadlines, at times surpassing them significantly. Her sub-contractors did a beautiful job with graphics, layout, and printing. It was a real pleasure to work with Gail on this project!

— Ralph Daniel, San Rafael, CA.

If you want an average book, write it, edit it and publish it yourself. If you want to create a work of art that you can cherish and share for the rest of your life, consider partnering with Gail Kearns. Gail is not only ridiculously talented in writing and editing, but has a network of the most creative and gifted professionals at her fingertips to minimize your stress while maximizing your book writing experience. Gail and her team guided me along from the very first step, allowing me to thoroughly enjoy writing and publishing my first book. Her design and editing teams combined forces to help me produce a final product better than I dreamed possible. I will forever be grateful to Gail and her team for their direction, support and encouragement.

— Tom Huling, Happier You author.

As authors, we felt we’d done our work when we finished writing. We expected, like many, that open arms would accept our story. But, it’s not that way. Open arms have to be found through publicity and marketing. Gail calls herself a Book Sherpa for good reason. She guided us to the top of every tall peak, until our book was discovered. Gail met us for weekly collaborative meetings. She never gave us too much, but always a to-do list. Radio interviews sounded daunting, as did being on the stage in front of an audience of 800. We were coached and encouraged at every step. Gail shepherded and motheus to a sweet end with our final assignment to apply for book awards. Her confidence in our book never left us.

— Karen Roberts & Dana Simpson, authors of Journeys: Healing Through Nature’s Wisdom.

To Press and Beyond (and, of course, Gail) was essential in helping me bring my book from an idea to a reality. I was guided through the complex process with a variety of skillful consultations. Gail provided expert editorial assistance and gave me lists of various providers for interior and cover design, proofreading, author website design, indexing, and printing. She was accessible, professional, and essential for the publication of my book. I could not have done it without her. I highly recommend To Press & Beyond for anyone seeking assistance in publishing their book.

— David Fawcett, PhD, author of Lust, Men and Meth.

When I was ready to have my erotic thriller manuscript edited, I was long on story and short on experience. After reading my manuscript, Gail detailed an approach to bring the development of my characters to life, drove me to be succinct, and worked with me on pacing. Her instruction became the foundation for a rewrite. She never promised me a rose garden, but she did teach me how to prune! Then there’s the process to get the work ready to market, publish, and/or in front of an agent. Gail will expertly lead you through those next steps. I’ve begun writing my second book and this time Gail is involved with me from the start. I wouldn’t think of moving future novels along without her guidance.

— Ken Boehs, author of The Tilted Truth.

Gail Kearns is a gal who knows the world of book publishing inside and out. She’s an excellent resource and can help you through the entire process from paper and epub to endorsements and reviews. I highly recommend her.

— Sven Michael Davison, award-winning author of State of Mind and State of Union.

My cookbook concept became a reality when I was introduced to Gail Kearns of To Press & Beyond. She completely took over the process, and for the first time I knew that my book would finally be published. Before I met her, friends would ask, ‘So when will your book be published?’ I was exasperated. I felt as though someone was telling me to rewire my entire house and I am not an electrician—the point being, you don’t have to do it alone. TP&B will do it for you!

— Tricia Forslund, author of appeteasers … with a sweet ending.

The grand slam of book shepherding! Assuring, knowledgeable, and efficient! I can’t wait to work with Gail again on my next project!

— Olivia Koe, author of Colors of the Universe: The Dandelion’s Tale.

TP&B did an expert job of editing and guiding my latest novel through production, managing to avoid on my behalf the many pitfalls of self-publishing.

— Ronald R. Koegler, author of Benito’s Gambit and Chasing the Stargazer.

Talent, skill, patience, inspiration. Gail shares this and so much more when shepherding a project. For the first-time author this means everything. Thank you, Gail, for starting my new career path in the right direction.

— Linda Carvotta, author of My Medicine Journal.

The experience of publishing my first book with To Press & Beyond was beyond joyful. Their vast experience, commitment to personal service, and the many industry contacts they have, made it possible for me to celebrate a dream come true.

— Tal Yanai, author of Life Is Not a Candy Store: It’s the Way to the Candy Store.

If you choose Gail Kearns for your Book Sherpa, her integrity, knowledge, and professionalism guarantee you will wind up with a book that is indistinguishable from those produced by major publishing houses. I know this is true because the novel Gail copyedited, produced, and marketed for me, Altamont Augie, was reviewed by the American Library Association’s Booklist magazine, a 100-year-old trade journal that receives over 5000 review requests a month and reviews only about 500—most from established publishers. As a result, my book was purchased by public library systems all across the country. What better endorsement is there? Entrust your book to Gail Kearns. You will be grateful you did.

— Richard Barager, author of Altamont Augie.

I produced and launched my first book with Gail’s competent guidance. She and her team of talented professionals met or exceeded my expectations at every step along the way. I’m delighted with the results and the joyful experience of collaboration.

— Holli Pfau, author of Pure Gold: Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers.

I interviewed several book sherpas (including a Pulitzer prize winner) before deciding to work with To Press & Beyond. Gail was the only one to understand this book’s individual voice … its full vision would not have been realized without her guidance. If you want your book to be the best it can be, get on board with Gail. She’s the best!

— Dr. Ed Slack, author of Two Legged Snakes.

When I learned that there was such thing as a "Book Shepherd" I was thrilled. When I realized that one person could help me jump through the hoops of cover design, finding a printer, getting an ISBN and editing, I was ecstatic. I know I wouldn’t have won my two national gold medals for Self-Help without her. Thanks Gail!

— MK Mueller, author of 8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change.

Gail Kearns has truly earned her title as book shepherd by helping educate, manage, and motivate me through the entire process, soup to nuts. In addition to her competence in editing, print production, and marketing, she instinctively knows when to push and when to pull back. The group she has assembled at To Press & Beyond are all top notch professionals who are the best and the fastest at design, web development, editing, print production, marketing, and publicity. Most important, they are as excited for my successes as I am. As long as I am in the author/publisher business, To Press & Beyond will be my team.

— Laurie Richter, author of Put Me In Coach: A Parents Guide to Winning the Game of College Recruiting.

For the reluctant self-publisher this is the perfect solution—all the decision advantages and control, and a built-in editorial/production/marketing team.

— Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual.

You can say many positive things about Gail Kearns: She’s a consummate professional, a knowledgeable book person, and an experienced editor. She is all of these things, but in the last analysis, it is her integrity that counts the most.

When Gail and her team at To Press & Beyond take on a project, it becomes a personal mission. They care, and it shows in the first-rate quality of their work. They are the best.

— Eric Kampmann, President, Beaufort Books and Midpoint Trade Books, New York City; Author of Trail Thoughts: A Daily Companion for Your Journey of Faith.

I was really amazed at how the presentation of the book and press kit, which To Press & Beyond helped me create, was instrumental in overcoming the bias that ‘self-published’ books generate. A book buyer from a major chain saw the book as a winner and I have To Press & Beyond to thank!

— Georgia Weithe, author of Shining Moments: Finding Hope When Facing Death.

To any aspiring writer, I would highly recommend To Press & Beyond. It is a very talented and effective organization, providing great ideas and services to the author. The author maintains control, yet is led along professionally to a very satisfying outcome. I could not have created such a beautiful book without the aid of Gail, Penny and Chris.

— Blume J. Rifken, Scarecrow Finds a Friend.

To Press & Beyond is built around a team of capable and knowledgeable professionals. Without their advice and guidance I would not have been able to get my book to press. Many thanks to Gail Kearns for her knowledge, integrity and vast connections in the publishing world. Her advice, encouragement and patience, the latter being thoroughly tested, are all sincerely appreciated.

— William A. Trimble, Screw It! I’ll Be My Own Contractor.

Service with a smile. That old-fashioned adage is how I would best sum up working with Gail Kearns and her team at To Press & Beyond. They take the time to really get to know the needs of their clients, and they know how to treat us with professional heart and caring. Gail is a meticulous and brilliant editor and writer and Lucy is a tenacious resource specialist. Kate is a dream come to true when it comes to website design and programming. This team is an absolute joy (and must) for creating and promoting your writing project.

— Diane Marie Pinkard, author of Just Treat Me Like I Matter: The Heart of Sales.

Great Little Books published our first book in 2007. We’re on our third. Gail, Lucy and To Press & Beyond worked on the launch of all three books–from editorial to publicity. In fact, they’ve kind of taught us the publishing business. Our products have been well-received, extensively reviewed and recognized for their ‘big publisher’ quality. We’re proud of this accomplishment, and Gail and Lucy were a big part of our success.

— Barbara Worton, publisher Great Little Books LLC and author, Bedtime Stories: The short, long and tall tales of a sleepwriter and Too Tall Alice.

Gail was a great help in editing my memoir Howling in Mesopotamia. While I was not always very accessible, she made efforts to contact me and worked successfully to focus the language and the story in a manner that would be appealing to readers.

— Haider Ala Hamoudi, Howling in Mesopotamia.

Gail Kearns turned out to be a most gifted expert, not only as an editor but also as an e-mail communicator between Santa Barbara and Zurich. I cannot thank her enough for her untiring efforts to keep me in good humor with midnight telephone calls to clarify the written word.

— Hans J. Baer, It’s Not All About Money: Memoirs of a Private Banker.

What sets Gail Kearns apart is her genuine interest. Gail did a huge amount of research to help formulate the historical backdrop of my memoir. Her research was thorough and well integrated into my book, while paying careful attention to my authentic voice. Whether you call her your coach, consultant or editor, she’s a great motivator and person to brainstorm with. She has her pulse on the publishing world. I highly recommend her.

— Diana Raab, Regina’s Closet: Finding My Grandmother’s Secret Journal.

Gail Kearns and Lucy Levenson made a wonderful and caring team when it came to marketing my children’s book. They were professional, thorough, and prompt and got me the much needed exposure I was looking for. My book sales soared. I highly recommend them.

— Amber T. Kingston, Laura and the Leprechauns.

Getting my story into a readable manuscript and then working through the process of getting it published seemed an almost insurmountable task until I met Gail Kearns of To Press & Beyond. Without her professional editing and patient guidance every step of the way, my fiction story might never have become a book. The details of the publication process received Gail’s careful attention, and for all her help I will always be grateful.

— Helena Linn, Winter in the Bunkhouse.

Gail Kearns’ meticulous and brilliant editing made it possible for Color Me Butterfly to come alive. The book has since won six literary awards, including the National ‘Best Books’ award. I will forever to indebted to To Press & Beyond.

— L.Y. Marlow, Color Me Butterfly.

Gail was extremely helpful in all aspects of book production—editing, selecting a cover designer, and reviewing printer bids … and, in my case, arranging a distributor. To be competitive in today’s demanding marketplace, her expertise is invaluable to giving self-published books a fighting chance.

— Davis Liu, MD, Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely.

Thank you, Gail, for your expert insights, meticulous editing, and thoughtful creativity that guided my book project. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.

— Terri Godwin, Natasha’s Joy: The Gift of Life for My Sister.

Dan Poynter once told me, ‘Gail is very good at what she does and she knows everyone!’ While working with To Press & Beyond, I found both statements to be very true. They deliver what they promise. What is even more amazing is how Gail continued to send helpful tips and suggestions—long after our ‘official relationship’ had concluded. These tips were very welcomed surprises, in such contrast to today’s too often ‘serviceless’ world.

— Donna L. Pikula, D.D.S., M.S., Award-Winning Author of After the Diagnosis.

Gail’s knowledge, guidance and patience were essential to completing my book. Without Gail I would not have been able to complete my work—and have it turn out beyond my expectations, no less! I highly recommend her and her team.

— Ray Chandler, All That Glitters, The Crime and the Cover-Up.

I am most grateful to To Press & Beyond. With the sage editing and counsel I received from their associates, I published a book that exceeded my expectations. They did walk me through each phase and chapter, with skill and attentiveness, to successful completion.

— Judy Murphy Simpson, I Want to Stop Smoking, So Help Me God!

As a new author, Gail helped take my 176-page Word document to the beautiful book that I am so proud to call my first book. All along the process, the gentle care and feedback that Gail and her staff afforded me was just something I could not have accomplished on my own.

— Barbara Hughston, In the Kitchen with Kids.

Gail has been remarkable. She walked me through the self-publishing maze with care and commitment. One of the most impressive aspects of working with her is her reputation. All the vendors confide they love working with her because she makes it all so easy. Look up ‘Kearns’ in the dictionary and you will find a picture of Gail with a reference: syn. Conscientious; high quality.

— Dr. Kenneth Majer, Values-Based Leadership: A Revolutionary Approach to Business Success and Personal Prosperity.

My happiness came bundled up in one package—To Press & Beyond. Gail Kearns shepherded my book from conception of the idea to its completion. Her and her team’s devotion to making it “the best it can be” reveals itself in the final product. It’s top notch!

— Willa A. Young, Happiness Instruction Kit: No Assembly Required.

Working with Gail and her team has been exciting, educational and fun. Their knowledge, professionalism and experience in the media field will take you wherever you choose to go—and if you allow them, beyond!

— Rosemary Sadez-Friedmann, Mystery of Color.

Gail’s crisp comments and editorial suggestions helped me to focus and get on track to produce a credible writing that I am proud of. She even proposed a variation on my original title, which I gladly accepted. I can’t thank Gail enough.

— Jerry Pollock, Divinely Inspired: Spiritual Awakening of a Soul.

Gail Kearns and Penny Paine – Production Coordinators/Publishing Consultants. That is their official title. Gail is also an editor who pushes all the best buttons; ‘Practical Penny’ has the skill to give legs to ideas.

— William T. Close, MD, Beyond the Storm: Treating the powerless and the powerful in Mobutu’s Congo/Zaire.

I give a standing ovation to Gail Kearns and Penny Paine for their contributions and for keeping the project on track. Without them, it would not have happened.

— Sidney J. Smith, Before Saying YES to Marriage: 101 Questions to Ask Yourself.

As a first-time author, it’s been comforting to know that I can depend on Gail and Penny to give me honest input. I value and trust their judgment.

— Michelle Brenner, Here Comes Baby! The Survival Guide to the Transition to Parenthood.

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