Building Your Author Platform

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Writing a book is one thing … getting it out into the world is another. With well over one million new titles published each year, you’ll want to be ahead of the game. So as you’re writing your bestseller (why not think positive!), developing an author platform, especially if you’re a first-time author, is essential.

That’s right. Unless you’re a Roald Dahl, Stephenie Meyer or Neil Gaiman, you can’t afford not to be thinking far into the future when it comes to publishing your title.

Your publishing strategy should include:

  1. An author website where you offer an e-book, a special report, and/or a sneak preview of your forthcoming book.
  2. Launching a blog.
  3. Facebook fan page.
  4. Twitter account. You can connect your tweets to show up at your Facebook fan page, blog and LinkedIn using a service like or
  5. LinkedIn and joining appropriate groups who have discussions that you can participate in, providing other members with nuggets of your wisdom.
  6. Posting videos on YouTube, your website and blog.
  7. Commenting on high-traffic blogs and forums that reach your specific audience and to support fellow bloggers in your niche.
  8. Writing informational and how-to articles for sites like,,, etc.
  9. Early press releases announcing your title’s publication date and offering advance reader copies to interested media and opinion makers.
  10. Speaking gigs (for non-fiction authors).

Social networking can be fun but it’s also a commitment. To garner the book sales you’re hoping for, you will need this kind of pre-marketing, promotion and publicity support for your title. I would urge any aspiring author (and even seasoned ones) to engage the services of a Book Sherpa to guide them all the way through the process of producing a book. I’ve seen too many books cross my desk where the author made many costly mistakes that easily could have been avoided.

Gail M. Kearns (aka Book Sherpa) Founder of To Press & Beyond

Gail and her team at To Press & Beyond ( are experts in book publishing consulting and support services. With over 20 years of experience, they skillfully and successfully shepherd your print and/or eBook through writing, editing, design & layout, printing, distribution, sales and promotion, both in trade and niche markets and on the Web. They have worked with over 400 authors and independent publishers worldwide. You can contact Gail for a half-hour gratis phone consult about your project at