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    Follow these steps to write your review before sharing it online.

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    1. How many stars do you give the book? 1 is the lowest score, 5 is the highest. A 5-star rating doesn't have to mean the book is perfect – a "5" simply means that you really liked it.

    2. Answer a few (or all) of these questions about the nonfiction book to help you prepare for writing your review.

    3. Use your answers to the questions above as the basis for your review. This isn't a book report, so avoid writing a synopsis. Instead, share your opinions. Write it as if you're sending an email or text to a friend or colleague who is interested in the subject. Give that person – and other readers – advice about whether they should read the book. Don't worry about grammar, etc. Focus on sharing information that will help someone decide if they should read it. Also, if you received a free copy in exchange for an honest review, Amazon requires you to state that. ("I received a complimentary copy for review.")

    To get you started, here are actual reviews for four nonfiction book categories:

    Memoir:I could NOT put this book down. It has changed my life at 69. Chrissy will help so many of us that have had such challenges throughout our lives and have survived and thrived. Thank you for sharing your life with us and showing us that nothing is impossible and dreams do come true!

    How-to:Great read! My husband bought this, and at first I was offended. I didn't think anything was wrong with us and I took it as kind of a personal attack. However, we started reading it together and it has just strengthened our marriage. It has reminded me to not take things for granted. It has helped me re-focus and better understand my partner. And it has helped me realize that we are two different people at the core, so what works for me isn't what best works for him and vise versa. Would recommend to anybody in a relationship that wants it to be long lasting!

    Health and wellness:Great guide for beginners, has lots of info and well researched material to help you reach your goals (lost 30lbs in under 3 months).

    Biography:A wonderfully intimate and thoughtful account of the relationship between two devoted brothers, their shared respect and love for one another, as well as their passion for the arts. The author "paints" a sensitive picture of their lives for us through the brothers' correspondence and artwork. A thoroughly enjoyable, yet bittersweet tale. Vincent's drive, talent and devotion are motivating while Theo's support and respect are humbling. The author expresses this truthfully and from the heart.

    4. Write a title for your review. If a friend asked you what you thought about the book, what would you say in just a few words?

    Use these four actual review titles as inspiration:

    a. An amazing inspirational book

    b. Total game changer

    c. Great guide

    d. Beautifully bittersweet

    What's your overall opinion in 10 words or less? That is your review title.

    You're done! Now copy and paste your review to the book's page on Amazon and / or Goodreads.

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